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Memorial created 10-6-2014 by
Melissa Treglia
February 6 2005 - October 6 2014

Always loved, the daughter of my heart.

Moonie was my special girl. I rescued her in December 2005, when she was just ten months old. The first day in my apartment, she walked around to investigate it... almost like she already owned the place. When I put her in a cage that night, she reached up to me and laid her paw on my leg. I knew then that it was love.

She was my baby for nine years, and was a 16 pound ball of fluff. She loved to lay back in my arms and be held like a baby. She had a purr that sounded like Gizmo from Gremlins, and she would give me tiny licks ("kittie kisses") and would tongue-bathe me after I came out of the shower.

She followed me all over the house, and listened to my troubles in that patient way that animals do (with that look that says "it doesn't matter that you're not perfect, because I love you the way you are").

She was the bright spot in my life through some very dark times. There will never be another quite like her.


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